Mark Dalton, Antique dealer

I have always had an interest in antiques, collectables and history... in fact if I'm honest History was my best subject at school and you would always catch me watching the antiques roadshow on a Sunday night with my parents.

I have been dealing seven years now and started renting cabinets in local antique shops, but the owners were greedy dealers who knew nothing about antiques but were just in it for the money and not the love, so i started looking for alternatives.

I stand a couple of regular flea markets every week and 2-3 better quality antique fairs every month, but they do suck out any profits I make with their expensive charges. Even eBay are charging me about 16% after all the charges on top, PayPal etc, so i thought ok its time for a shop, so i now have my own online store .

Please come and have a browse!

Chat soon,                                                           Mark.